Volunteer Day 11/12/11

Saturday could not have been a better day to garden! With such warm and sunny weather we were able to get a lot accomplished. All of our tasks included:

-We planted five fruit trees! Some were plums, some were persimmons, and one was a pawpaw! This unique tree is native to the American east coast, and tastes like a cross of mango and custard.

-Tulips were planted along the fence facing the road. These will bloom in the spring with bursts of colorful blooms!

-We planted bright yellow pansies along the fence facing the track. These will continue to bloom until the first frost, brightening our garden with their color!

-We almost finished our compost system! Soon we will start composting certain materials to put in our raised beds.

-We had some strong hands manage to pull out a giant bush that needed to go!

Thanks to the many volunteers who came! We greatly appreciated the many hands that helped. These hands included:

-Black Student Union

-Whiting School of Engineering

-Graduate Environmental Network

-Space Telescope Science Institute


Pictures from this day will be posted tomorrow!


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