Mid-winter update

Hello everyone,

On a drab Saturday afternoon like this in February, it’s fun to plan and scheme about the upcoming season. We’ve been busy these past months getting everything set up for the upcoming growing season – it’s a lot of work to start a community garden from scratch! But teamwork really makes it easier, and the Garden Committee has been meeting regularly these past weeks to spread the word to students, staff and community members that the garden is ready for their helping hands! Please check out the garden calendar on the top menu bar (we keep it very up-to-date, so scribble some volunteer days into your agenda and enjoy a weekend afternoon helping out in the garden)!

We’ve been very fortunate to receive multiple seed donations. Below is a picture of just some of the seeds we’ve been donated thus far. On Saturday, March 3rd from 1-3 we’ll be having a seedling workshop. More details to come. We’ll be sharing these seeds with future partner plot adopters – come get free seeds!


Below here is the newest garden design, crafted by Joe Calano (thank you Joe for donating your time to make this for us!). You’ll see the 20 “partner plot” raised beds (4ft by 8 ft) and the six “communal rows” (4ft by 35 ft). We’re planning on constructing about ten raised beds this first season (but if demand is higher, we’ll be happy to construct more). The communal rows will be managed by the Hopkins Real Food Club with the help of volunteers who cannot commit to their own plot but who want to get down and dirty with garden work. 20% of the harvest from the communal rows will be going directly to those in need in Baltimore, thanks to the help of the Campus Kitchen at JHU (http://campuskitchens.org/schools/jhu/).


Get excited about upcoming volunteer days! Our next volunteer day is Saturday, February 18th from 1-4pm.  We’ll be constructing our new tool shed and the first set of raised beds. All are welcome, no experience necessary.  If you have experience with carpentry or construction, we’d particularly appreciate your help.

Looking forward to seeing you at the garden,



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