A perfect shed day

Two engineers working on the roof trussA group of 12 or so volunteers got together yesterday and worked on our very important garden shed! Just how important is this shed? Well, we couldn’t really move forward with garden purchases and projects such as rounding up tools and other donated items until we had a shed to store the wheelbarrow, garden hose or even basic hand tools.

For the volunteer days in 2011, we borrowed large numbers of tools from the Community Green Resource Network (CGRN for short, and it is one of the most amazing resources for gardens and gardeners!) and transported them back and forth between the Perch, the Center For Social Concern’s backyard and CGRN’s office in Remington/Hampden area.  Now that we have a shed, we can go ahead and make plans for getting our vital gardening tools!

We ordered the shed with the help of Johns Hopkins Office of Facilities Management (showing off the Office’s flashy new website) with special thanks to Karen Geary, Senior Properties Manager, who placed the order for us and helped with finding temporary storage for the shed until our workday.

The shed actually came in two boxes, the assembly itself was straightforward enough (the process is best described as “Ikea meets Lego”). The assembly required basic household tools, a few ladders, and plenty of excited and semi-skilled volunteers.  🙂 A bunch of newbies built the whole thing together in less than 100 minutes! Here is a picture of the finished shed and the people who put it together (staff, students and community members).        Check out our new shed!

The shed-building exercise is not quite over yet – we hope to be able to move it so that it is up against the fence and right next to our compost bin.  Before we can move the shed, we have to find new spots for the giant planters (which will become demonstration mini-gardens in the coming months) and create a flat, sturdy foundation for the shed to sit on. We also need to put up the brackets and shelves inside the shed, get the lock for the shed… etc. As you can see, we have plenty of things to work on,  but if volunteers keep on being as awesome as they have been, we will get everything done soon! The shed, almost completely finished...

While we have been busy getting the shed built and spring events planned, the bulbs we planted in the fall have been busy making their way up from the ground! Tulips!

More pictures from our 2/18/2012 workday are available here. Keep an eye on our garden calendar and the blog homepage for future workday announcements! If you are interested in participating in our gardening programs, this blog entry tells you all about the application processes.  We look forward to seeing you in the garden in the near future!



2 responses to “A perfect shed day

  1. Congratulations all on getting the shed built! You guys ROCK! Thanks for the shout out. I am really excited about the great progress.

  2. Your shed looks fantastic! Great job! (To make the shed-building even more dramatic, you should put up the “Sorting through the pieces” pic from the flickr link.)

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