Blue Jay’s Perch Seed Fair 2012!

The time of year has finally come for us to start thinking about what we are going to plant in our garden! Our inaugural seed fair took place on Saturday 3/3, something we hope to have annually. We had over 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flower seeds at the fair!

When our gardeners first stepped into the room, they  looked shocked to see the sheer number of seed types we had! After signing in, they were free to grab baggies and take as many seeds as they wanted. They could choose from multiple types of tomato, melon, beans, eggplant, peppers,flowers, herbs and salads just to name a few. After the gardeners took all the seeds they wanted, we had Baltimore City Master Gardeners Nicole and Angela give demonstrations on how to start and take care of seeds.

Our gardeners were then able to take home some seed starting mix and egg cartons to start their seeds! Our seed fair was a huge success, with everyone leaving with everything they needed to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Thank you to everyone who came! With the growing season almost upon us, The Blue Jay’s Perch is gearing up for a spring filled with growing, harvesting, and building connections!

-The Blue Jay’s Perch


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