March 10, 2012, theme of the day – MOVING!


We considered multiple shed-moving methods, from rolling it to lifting it with tools. In the end, sheer labor power won out. Nice work, volunteers!

Hello, everyone! We have been so lucky to have such beautiful weather for our volunteer days! This past Saturday was another productive and fun-filled day. We had many great volunteers who came to help us multi-task and get everything done, including the JHU Eco-Reps!

First things first – we actually received more applications for the partner plots than we anticipated, so we had to build more raised beds! A few of our experienced volunteers helped us build more raised beds. Are you a community member looking to garden this year? We have a few reserved spots left – apply today!

We also got some top soil delivered to us last week – 16 cu yrds of it, actually! Our dutiful volunteers got to work with moving the mountain of soil from the pile to the raised beds. Check out the pictures here!

Proof that soil-shoveling is an activity for everyone.

Our shed has finally found it’s permanent home on a solid brick foundation! Our dutiful volunteers finished laying the bricks for the foundation and then had them move the shed on top of it. It took a huge group effort, but it was finally accomplished!

A giant thanks for all of our hard-working volunteers who came out and helped us accomplish these garden tasks!

Thank you, everyone!

-The Blue Jay’s Perch


One response to “March 10, 2012, theme of the day – MOVING!

  1. This is such a cool project. Thank you for posting your news!

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