The Blue Jay’s Perch is Officially Open for the Season!

This is the garden 7 months ago.

The Blue Jay's Perch - October, 2011

And look at the space today – we are ready for the 2012 growing season!

The Blue Jay's Perch, March 25, 2012

For the past 7 months, dedicated volunteers have worked hard to make the Blue Jay’s Perch a reality, the garden officially opens on Monday March 26th!  On the Sunday just before opening day, volunteers braved slippery ground conditions and got the beds and the general space ready for the start of the Perch’s first growing season. They worked on a compost pile:

Audrey perched on a steaming mound of compost.

They built steps for the slope:

New steps on the slope!

They worked hard on the space for future communal rows:

Breaking up soil and old roots.

We encourage everyone to come to the garden and get started with their spring planting as early as possible. When you come to the garden, please remember to:
  • Sign in on the garden log, which are kept in a white binder inside the shed. Starting on March 26, all gardeners, volunteers, and visitors must sign in each day they enter the garden. You will find combination locks on both the gate and the shed. The same combination works for both locks. If you don’t know the combination, you should send us an email to request it. Only gardeners who have submitted their signed rules/release forms can have the combination. You can download the form here, and email the signed forms back to this email address or hand deliver them to the Center for Social Concern, 3103 N Charles St.
  • Partner Plot gardeners may start planting in their designated beds immediately. Please send us an email if you would like to know which 4’x8′ raised bed belongs to your group this year.
  • Communal row gardeners will receive an email next week to coordinate communal row planting activities. We are still working on the soil for the communal rows – come help us build the rows next Saturday!
We can’t wait to see people and plants populating this garden!

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