More Details about the Harvest Party

For the beer-brewing demonstration:

Steve will be at the garden from 10 to 3 (yes, that’s about how long it takes to make your own beer), but the herb-adding will happen between 1 and 2. Steve has invited folks to stop by at anytime. Steve is probably going to enter this brew into a competition next month (after it’s had some time to become beer). Come check a potential award-winner in the making. Here is a description:

“Homebrew beer demonstration featuring a modern interpretation of a
traditional (pre-16th Century) gruit ale recipe using freshly
harvested herbs from the Blue Jay’s Perch for bittering and flavoring.”


Emily and Wei-ting will talk about different ways of saving seeds from their favorite vegetables. Bring seeds and knowledge to exchange with other gardeners, if you have them!


We will provide some salsa made from garden produce. Bring a blanket for picnic, and a dish/snack to share!

See you on Saturday!



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