The picnic table

This is a guest blog post by one of our very first crop of gardeners, Mrs. Vanessa Beck. This August, Vanessa and Ann Beckemeyer (also a BJP gardener) purchased the table as a gift for the garden. These generous ladies hope that it will encourage more people to come and take a break in the garden! Vanessa and her husband have since moved away from Baltimore, but we will sure make that we take good care of the table and make the most of it!  

A gift from Vanessa and Ann, meticulously stained by volunteers on 10/14/12.

I love going to the garden. Pottering around, cleaning up, eating the produce.  Often when I go I take my book.  In-between watering and harvesting I would sit on the grass in the shade of the tree and read while time passed by so luxuriously.

It was when talking with Ann that we both realised we love spending time at the garden, not just gardening.  We thought wouldn’t a picnic table be nice to sit at sometimes.  We could bring along some cold sodas, bread, hummus and then harvest tomatoes and lettuce for a sandwich.  Not much of a carbon footprint in that meal.

So one Saturday we made the dream come true.  There was the choice to buy a table already made, but where is the fun in that.  We laboured away for a couple of hours using our handy work skills and soon had a working and beautiful picnic table.

Lugging it into place was a bit harder, but now it is sitting under the tree begging to be used.

So please, anytime you are at the garden, take a book, grab a tomato or two and enjoy some time at the picnic table.


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