Hopkins Farm Hands at the perch.

(This is a guest post by Pearl Amaechi of Hopkins Farm Hands.)

Before we went off for Spring Break, Hopkins Farmhands got the amazing chance to volunteer with Blue
Jays Perch! The Hopkins Farmhands have been working with local community gardens to try to lend a 
helping hand. It’s always a nice change of pace to volunteer with Blue Jays Perch!


At the farm where we normally work (First Fruits Farm), we help out with a range of tasks, from
harvesting potatoes to picking apples to general tending of the farm. No matter whether we work on a
multi-acre farm or a small community garden, there is always much work to be done! At Blue Jays Perch,
we had the chance to help out by turning compost piles, watering the plant beds, planting a few flowers,
and measuring communal rows for the next growing season.

Hopkins Farmhands, for the past few years, has established a Hopkins volunteer base to aid in the
efforts of community farms. We’ve namely helped with First Fruits Farm, a non-profit volunteer
organization that provides locally grown produce to those in need in the Baltimore/Washington area.
Established by two Hopkins alumni, the farm has grown in the past five years into a massive 85 acres.
This growth has solely been made possible by large volunteer efforts.

Hopkins Farmhands is special for us Hopkins students for two main reasons: We get the chance to leave
campus and enjoy life outside in fresh air and we help provide fresh produce to those who lack access.

Thanks so much to the BJP organizers for always providing a great volunteer opportunity and putting in
so much effort to support sustainable agriculture and fight food poverty.

-Pearl Amaechi, Hopkins Farmhands



One response to “Hopkins Farm Hands at the perch.

  1. Thanks for finally talking about >Hopkins Farm Hands at the
    perch. | The Blue Jay’s Perch <Loved it!

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