New growing season, new plans!

More than 30 volunteers and gardeners of all ages and gardening experiences showed up for our workday yesterday. The weather was beautiful and people’s spirits were high – I think it’s fair to say that everyone had a great time at the Perch!

Read on for some highlights from yesterday.

Cheryl and Steve making plans for the astronomical plant sculpture:P1010701

Lots of helping hands working on weeding the communal row areas and prepare the land for tilling in the coming week:

P1010714 P1010712 P1010713 P1010698 P1010704

New and returning partner plot gardeners getting their plots ready for the season:

P1010715 P1010717 P1010709 P1010706

Some of us walked away with overwintered carrots!

Kristin with carrots

Also, Margaret of “Leftover” came and took some shots of our gardeners applying compost from Waste Neutral to our raised beds. We receive free compost from the company because JHU dining services diverts much of its food waster to composting services – Margaret and her classmates are making a film project that follows every step of the waste –> compost –> plant food cycle! You can ready about Margaret’s day to the BJP here.

We have lots of exciting plans underway here. Steve and Joe have taken the lead on our new water and irrigation plans, while Ann and Kellan have been working on planting and maintenance strategies for the communal rows.  We will also be installing a chalkboard in the garden for communication and educational use in the near future. 2013 is going to be a great season and we look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at the Perch this year!

Oh, and here is what the Perch looked like a year ago:

Six 40-foot long rows to be planted here!



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