Food for the soul and body!

Hello all,

My name is Charmaine Richardson (AKA Ole Richardson) – I’m a counselor at Marian House, a healing community for women and their children who need housing and support services to transition into independent lives.

Marian House has been a BJP partner since the garden opened in 2012 and the photos in the video below help show what a fun journey it’s been participating with the BJP Community. In 2011, Ann Beckemeyer from the JHU Public Health Studies Program came to us to see if we would be interested to participate in the garden.  The BJP is a great way for JHU and community organizations to partner up. Marian House is just a few blocks from the garden, so our members enjoyed spending time planting, watering, and harvesting throughout the growing season. In addition, we were able to rectify an old garden directly behind Marian House that houses tomatoes, strawberries, cabbages, other veggies of choice.

Check out this fantastic video documenting the Marian House/PHS BJP Partnership:

Moms and kids learned an appreciation for fresh veggies and about healthy food options – many had never seen food growing while others had gardened before and could recommend techniques. The kids especially enjoyed building a scarecrow named “Billy.” You can see him in the garden today faithfully keeping watch over our wonderful garden. We’ve had a great two years and look forward to spring!

All the best,

Ole Richardson


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