Seedlings and Sweet Potato Slips for Spring

A couple weeks ago, Jennifer and I planted seeds in 8×4 trays. The seedlings are doing well and almost ready to plant them in the communal rows! We have at least one tray each of arugula, bok choy, eggplant, cilantro, lettuce, and two trays each of tomatoes, peppers, and kale.

Meanwhile, I experimented at home with growing sweet potato slips. I started off with a small Korean sweet potato I had saved from winter time, and I bought 3 types of organic sweet potatoes from Whole Foods for variety.


From left to right, I had the Korean, Japanese, Jewel, and Garnet. The Jewel and Garnet were both Californian varieties. I labeled the Korean one non-organic because I can’t remember if it is or not, and I bought it at a store that doesn’t sell a ton of organic produce. Supposedly, organic sweet potatoes would work better as they shouldn’t be sprayed with anything to stop the potato from producing sprouts.


After several weeks, the Koreans did best by far, with four sprouts total coming up (I added an extra Japanese potato and threw out one of the halves because it started molding already).

So it has now been about a month since I placed these halves in water, and we are down to: two halves of a Korean potato with four sprouts, each a couple inches long, and one tiny sprout just coming up; two halves of a Garnet potato with three good looking sprouts less than an inch long; one half of a Jewel potato with one small sprout less than an inch long. I quarantined the one Garnet potato which is molding like crazy. Much less than the 16-20 sprouts I was aiming for, but hopefully they will do well in our garden anyway!

Thanks for reading,

– Rica



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